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Most offices or homes need a safe place to keep valuables, confidential documents & special items. For extra protection against fire & theft high-security safes provide resistance against forceable attack, high temperatures & satisfy insurance specifications.

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  • Floorboard Safe
  • Under Floor
  • Data Vault
  • Premier
  • Fire Resistant
  • Fire Vault Document
  • Mini Vault

Floorboard Safe

Floorboard Safes

These are designed to be easily installed between the joists of any suspended floor and once installed these safes can be easily concealed.

Overnight cash rating: £1000
External Dimensions: H130xW235XD350mm
Weight: 11kg

Under Floor Safe

Under Floor Safes

Under floor safes that are concreted into the ground or installed between wooden floorboards. These safes have a higher capacity and greater cash rating than floorboard they can be easily concealed once installed.

Overnight cash rating: £3000
External Dimensions: H230xW230XD230mm
Weight: 17kg

Data Vault Safe

Data Vault Safes

Data Fire Safes and Media Fire Safes protect your crucial back up media, such as DVD, CD-ROM, Computer tapes, DLT tapes, DAT tapes, Microfiche and other plastic media from fire - the most valuable safe for today's business.

Nowadays your most precious asset is your computer data. Check out our range of data and media safes to protect from fire. We offer a wide range of safes to suit both the home, small or large business user

Premier Safes

Premier Safes

Premier Safes are best suited to small business or domestic applications

Overnight cash rating: £4000
Fire Test: 1/2hrs at 750c
External Dimensions: H405xW360xD390
Internal Dimensions: H320xW265xD245
Weight: 86kgs

Fire Resistant Safes

Fire Resistant Safes

Fire Resistant Safes are best suited to the small business or domestic application with an assurance of fire resistance

Our range allows the user to select a combination of cash rating and fire protection that best meets their needs.

Overnight cash rating: £2000
External Dimensions: H420xW352xD433
Internal Dimensions: H320xW260xD304
Weight: 37kgs
Volume: 25ltrs

Fire Vault Document Safe

Fire Vault Document Safes

Fire proof document safes are designed to protect paper documents in an event of a fire over a limited period.

Overnight cash rating: £2000
Fire Test: 1hrs at 950c
External Dimensions: H385xW480xD388
Internal Dimensions: H220xW365xD260
Weight: 45kgs

Mini Vault Extra

Mini Vault Extra

Mini vault safes are ideal for home use for secure storage of such items a passports, credit cards, jewellery and small amount of cash and valuables.

Overnight cash rating: £2000
External Dimensions: H250xW374xD276
Internal Dimensions: H238xW362xD262
Weight: 28kgs