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  • BURGLAR ALARMS The most efficient way to increase the overall protection of your premises is to install a professional alarm system. Most systems can be monitored 24 hours a day from a central station.

  • ACCESS CONTROL Intercoms. programmable code entry & video door entry systems provide controlled access which is convenient for staff and visitors alike.

  • FIRE EQUIPMENT Fire extinguishers. fire blankets & smoke detectors provide continuous protection for your family or staff. They have a proven life saving record and are recommended by fire brigades and authorities throughout the UK.

  • PERIMETER PROTECTION Our range of perimeter protection products are designed to give an early warning of an attempted break in by sensing disturbances at fences, within ceiling voids and the fabric of building walls.

  • SECURITY LIGHTING The effective and economic way to deter the would-be intruder is to install security lighting which can be person-sensitive or fully programmable.

  • SAFES Most offices or homes need a safe place to keep valuables, confidential documents & special items. For extra protection against fire & theft high-security safes provide resistance against forcible attack, high temperatures & satisfy insurance specifications.

  • PROPERTY MARKING EQUIPMENT Property marking is a sensible precaution. When your valuables and belongings have identification marking it is both a deterrent to the would-be thief and allows the police to return lost or stolen items upon recovery.

  • TV SURVEILLANCE TV surveillance takes many forms, from the simple one-camera one-monitor, to large, sophisticated systems utilising pan tilt and zoom devices along with video recording.

  • KEY CABINETS Key cabinets control the nerve centre of any basic security system. An effective control & check of keys in and out is of paramount importance, maintaining a 24 hour check on the movement and use of keys.

  • COMPUTER SECURITY Your computer equipment is at risk not only from burglars and raids but also from unauthorised tampering. There are various methods to secure computer equipment which provides resistance against opportunist theft and forcible attack.