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Property marking is a sensible precaution. When your valuables and belongings have identification marking it is both a deterrent to the would-be thief and allows the police to return lost or stolen items upon recover.

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Permanent Marking
  • UV Pens
  • UVLamps
  • Permanent Marking


UV Pens UV pens provide an economic and easy way of marking equipment with an invisible mark that only shows up under a UV light.


UV Lamps

A low cost hand held UV lamp with a 4 watt tube and a white light torch. Powered by four AA size batteries, the UV lamp is useful in examining security markings


size: L152xW20xD52mm
weight: 87gms (excluding batteries)


Permanent Marking

Permanent Marking

Permanent Marking

Specifications system has been used to mark many millions of items over the years. It is quick and easy to use and gives a neat, professional mark every time, on items such as office equipment (computers, printers etc.) and electrical equipment (TV's, DVD players etc.)

Permanent Marking presents a visual deterrent that will make stolen property difficult to dispose of and therefore of very little resale value.