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Handpick the right products to safeguard your home

We work with each family to integrate the security monitoring technology that is built for their needs. Our range of advanced products makes it easy to configure your ideal system.
Bundled Packages

Protect your family with a comprehensive home security monitoring package. Read More
Perimeter Protection

Our range of perimeter protection products are designed to give an early warning of an attempted break in by sensing disturbances at fences, within ceiling voids and the fabric of building walls.
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Intrusion Detectors

Find the right home security devices to identify unwanted visitors. Read More
Security Lighting

The effective and economic way to deter the would-be intruder is to install security lighting which can be person-sensitive or fully programmable.
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Fire Protection

Fire extinguishers, fire blankets & smoke detectors provide continuous protection for your family.
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For extra protection against fire & theft high-security safes provide resistance against forceable attack, high temperatures & satisfy insurance specifications.
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